When you are clicking on these links, remember that you are entering the Cyber world!  When I researched these sites, they were ones that fit with this assignment. However, sites and materials change. Be wise and use Christian discrimination in choosing which sites are worthy of your time.

Bullfinch's Mythology - Annotated hypertext edition of this classic work.  This is a REQUIRED reference on at least one of your Dossiers.  Covers The Age of Fables, Stories of Gods and Heroes, even King Arthur. 

Classical Myth - Scholarly site that uses ancient sources for images and texts concerning figures of Greek mythology.  Good primary info here.  Graphics are of inscriptions, sculptures, etc.

Classical Mythology - ThinkQuest with good basic info.  Some usable graphics.

Digital Librarian Mythology - Impressive compendium of links for serious study.  Hot links to almost everything to do with mythology.  

Echoes From the Past: Greek Mythology - A very basic ThinkQuest.  No graphics, but easy to access basic info on figures of Greek mythology.

Encyclopedia Mythica - Comprehensive resource by M. F. Lindemans that contains over 5100 definitions of gods and goddesses, supernatural beings and legendary creatures and monsters from all over the world. 

Folklore, Myth, and Legend - Links to a Canadian collection of electronic texts that tells the stories of the gods and much more.  Links to electronic texts of Grimm's Fairy Tales, Hans Christian Anderson, Aesop's Fables, Fairy Tales, and Arabian Nights.

Folklore and Mythology - A collection of electronic texts that tells the stories of the gods.  Contains info on Greek/Roman/Norse.  (For Norse - remember it is sometimes called Scandinavian or Germanic mythology.)

Gods, Goddesses, and Myths - A quality site that includes sections on Camelot & Arthurian Legend, The Bestiary, Amazons in Greek Mythology, Celtic Deities and Myths, Voodoo, and the Origins of the Days of the Week.

Gods, Heroes, and Myth - A site that includes Greek, Roman, Celtic, and Egyptian mythology. Much of material comes from articles in dictionaries and encyclopedias.  Graphics are usually statues.

Greek Mythology - Site claims to be "An introduction to Ancient Greek Mythology."  Basic info with lots of hot links.  Some graphics.  Family tree might be useful. 

Greek Mythology - Mythweb is an excellent site with information on Greek gods and heroes plus clear, fast-loading graphics. Cartoon gifs of modern influence of mythology are funky.

Greek Mythology: From the Iliad to The Fall of the Last Tyrant - Excellent descriptions of gods, discusses the origin of Greek Mythology, and contains a lot of interesting information.

Greek Mythology Today  - Let the Myth Man help you find you way around Greek mythology.  Go to Homework Help section and find excellent graphics and a neat section on modern influences of mythology.

Irish Myths and Legends - ThinkQuest project on this special topic.  Not all that helpful for this project, but worth a look!

The Muses of Greek Mythology - Information on the Greek goddesses.

Mythology - Valuable resource...don't miss it! Lots of astronomy here, but excellent site with different levels of info - beginner, intermediate, and people like you!  Great family tree info, graphics, and a chance to play hangman against the computer!

Mythology and Folklore - From Galileo Internet Resources - university quality reference materials.  Lots of good info here.

Myths and Legends Links - New Zealand link list.  Good sources - clearly organized.

Mythology Dictionary - Just what it says.  Good info and easy to access.

Mythology Vocabulary Connections - Games, puzzles, and quizzes... even flashcards.

Odin's Castle of Dreams and Legends - Beautiful site with wonderful graphics and good info on Norse mythology.

Sources for Mythology - This site offers an introduction to mythology and annotated references. It includes primary literature, dictionaries, children's works, magazines, and online resources. 

Timeless Myths - Nice graphics.  This site covers Classical and Norse Mythology as well as Celtic Mythology & Arthurian Legend. Nice, easy-to-use site.

Link list revised 12/20/07


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